C/2014 Q2 -- Comet Lovejoy Animation
By Andre Paquette, andre at astrogeeks dot com

Here is an animation of Comet Lovejoy with images taken from the night of January 20, 2015. A sequence of 211 x 60s exposures were taken over the course of about 3.5 hours and processed into the videos below. The data in the top video is linearly stretched to bring out detail in the tail, at the cost of "over-exposing" the coma. The bottom video is stretched with a log(log()) function in order to bring out the tail and retain more detail in the coma, at the cost of more noise. Note that the only manual aspect of processing these images was aligning on the comet.

Equipment used:
  • Celestron Edge HD 14
  • Hyperstar Adapter
  • Celestron Nightscape 8300
  • Onyx80EDF Guide Scope
  • Skyris 274M Guide Camera

  • Software used:
  • NexRemote
  • MetaGuide
  • TheSky 6
  • Maxim/DL (acquisition, alignment, auto gradient removal)
  • Custom software (calibration, stacking, color conversion, levels, video)

  • Linear Stretch

    LogLog Stretch