London - June 7-16, 2002

In March 2002 Pierre Daniel was born.  (We have pictures of his first few days here.)
As you can imagine, getting to see him again was one of the highlights of our trip.  Andre and I love visiting with babies.

June 10th - we had a nice visit with the Paquette's and since Pierre is the newest member he was basically all we took photos of.  OOOPS!

What a cutie - sleeping peacefully :)

Andre and Pierre at the Paquette's (on the deck)


Awake at last


Paul and Pierre


Darian and Pierre


After dinner Pierre got an outdoor bath


Here he is making google eyes at Grandma


Grandma thinks Pierre might grow to have curly hair (she was making more google eyes with him when this photo was taken)


Either way - he's a cutie who obviously likes getting clean


Getting all dried off was even fun


All done and dressed in trendy POLO gear.  Thanks Mom!


June 15 - We dropped by to visit at Paul and Darian's house.

Andre with Pierre and Darian.


As you can see, Pierre is a real cutie!


Of course like all babies sometimes he looks a little psychotic


We bought Pierre a cute little rattle doll that he seems to like.
Of course he has also learned how to suck on his thumb which is easier than playing with dolls.


Here is Pierre with Darian and Paul


Paul and Darian with Pierre at the Paquette's house.


Hmmm... found that thumb again eh?

That's all for now!  BYE!