London - June 7-16th, 2002

This page includes the following:

June 9 - Alexa and Jenna's baptism at Holy Rosary Church

Lee, Lillian, Laura, 
Father, Ted (with Alexa) 
and Julie (with Jenna)
Jenna getting blessed
Julie (with Alexa) and Ted (with Jenna) 
The godparents 

Lillian, Theresa (with Alexa) and Lee (with Jenna)

  The Grandparents get to hold the babies.

Left (Soave Grandparents)

Below (Parkinson Grandparents)

  The great grandparents
Carlene and Laura 
The happy family (and one tired Laura)
Jenna and Granny Parkinson
Andre and Jenna
Left: Ted and Alexa

Below: Laura opening the gifts for the twins

Carlene and Laura snugling 


June 11th - The Bath

On June 11th Andre and I went to Ted and Julie's to baby sit so they could go on a real date.  (Their second of the year - woo hoo!)  Ted and Julie treated us to an excellent dinner and then did all the hard work getting the kids cleaned, fed and asleep before they left.  Andre and I didn't even have to change a single diaper.  It was the most painless babysitting we have ever done.  Anyhow... here are some cute pics of the girls in the bath from that evening.  (Left to right: Jenna, Laura, Alexa)